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AfriGrand Caravan: Last stop in Victoria tonight, and photos from Nanaimo

AfriGrand Caravan - Victoria event posterAfter two months and 40 stops from coast to coast, the AfriGrand Caravan will come to a close tonight in Victoria, BC. It’s been an amazing cross-country journey with more stories than can possibly be told (at least not on a single blog!). We can at least share with you this story from the Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers, who hosted Monday night’s Caravan stop in Nanaimo with grandmother Tsabile and granddaughter Thandeka. They’ve posted some fantastic pictures from the event, which you shouldn’t miss. Check it out by clicking here.

If you’re in Victoria, don’t miss tonight’s Caravan event, from 7:30 – 9:00pm at First Metropolitan United Church, 932 Balmoral Rd. Full details are available by clicking here.

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Dare 2010: Pat Thornton Dares to make you laugh — for 24 hours straight

Pat Thornton is a Toronto-based comedian with a seriously funny Dare.

From Monday, November 15, at 6 p.m. to Tuesday, November 16, at 6 p.m., Pat will be doing stand-up comedy for 24 hours straight at Comedy Bar in Toronto. Pat will be helped out by a crack team of comedy writers, a slew of corny joke books, people who send him jokes via his Twitter page, and industrial-strength doses of caffeine. Last year Pat pulled off a 24-hour joke fest and raised over $5000 in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s A Dare to Remember campaign. This year he has set his goal at $6000, and is already well on his way there.

Pat will be joined at Comedy Bar by another Darer, the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Jerad Gallinger. His Dare is the 24-Hour Tweet Feat: Jerad will watch all 24 hours of Pat’s set, tweet the whole thing on his Twitter account, and laugh at every joke — whether it’s funny or not!

The Comedy Network will be broadcasting Pat’s stand-up set live on its website, along with Jerad’s tweets. Watch as they both descend into sleepless delirium starting Monday, November 15, at 6 p.m.

Funds raised by Pat, Jerad and other Darers support the work of grassroots organizations Turning the Tide of AIDS in Africa. You can donate to Pat’s Dare by clicking here, and to Jerad’s Dare by clicking here.

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AfriGrand Caravan: Home stretch out West

The AfriGrand Caravan is in Vancouver today! With less than a week left in the Caravan (the last event is in Victoria on Wednesday, November 10), here are two great news stories about Caravan events in British Columbia featuring Thandeka Motsa and Tsabile Simelane of SWAPOL in Swaziland.

AIDS caravan visits city

Thandeka Motsa, left, and Tsabile Simelane.

Metro Vancouver

By Sarah N. Fitzgerald

A caravan of young AIDS orphans and grandmothers arrived in Vancouver on Friday at the end of a two-month tour of Canada.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation AfriGrand Caravan is in the Lower Mainland to generate awareness about the HIV-AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

The goal of the campaign is to dispel three major myths surrounding the virus: nothing ever changes, aid is ineffective, and Africans are unable to help themselves.

Swaziland’s Tsabile Victoria Simelane takes care of 30 orphans and coordinates local HIV-AIDS support groups.

“With the support of … grassroots level foundations, we are going to see a change,” said Simelane.

AfriGrand Caravan coming to the Valley

Visitors will share challenges of HIV crisis in Africa

Comox Valley Echo

“Grandmothers Stand Up! Granddaughters Speak Out! Communities Take Action!”

This is the call that heralds the arrival of the historical cross-Canada tour of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s AfriGrand Caravan when it stops in Courtenay on Tuesday, November 9.

We shall have a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from African Grandmother, Tsabile Victoria Simelane and teenaged granddaughter, Thandeka Carol Motswa, when they speak to us of their challenges in dealing with the crisis of HIV/AIDS unfolding in sub-Saharan Africa.

The AfriGrand Caravan left St John’s Newfoundland on September 7 and is stopping in 40 towns and cities across Canada, ending up in Victoria on November 10.

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Dare 2010: Sports anchor Mark Roe Dares to figure skate (VIDEO)

Mark Roe, Sports Anchor on /A\ News in Barrie, Ontario, is not much of a skater. With that fact firmly in mind, Mark will attempt figure skating — on TV, for all the world to watch — as his Dare for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s A Dare to Remember campaign.

With the help of Mariposa School of Skating instructor and Olympic skater Tugba Karademir, Mark will learn how to do a 3 turn into a 2-foot upright spin and perform it on the air on World AIDS Day (December 1, 2010).

Mark has set a personal fundraising goal of $5000. The money raised will go directly to support the inspiring transformation in sub-Saharan Africa, where community-based organizations are working to turn the tide of AIDS. Click here to visit Mark’s fundraising page and make a donation!

What’s your Dare for AIDS in Africa? Sign up and start fundraising now at

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Dare 2010 news article: "Dare to do more"

Here’s a story about A Dare to Remember 2010 from The Peak, the student newspaper of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.

What’s your Dare for AIDS in Africa? Click here to pick your Dare and start fundraising now!

Dare to do more

By Kali Penny

It’s that time of year again — the rain seems never ending, the cafeteria food is starting to make you consider going on a cleanse, and the reality of three midterms and a paper happening all in the same week are combining to make life seem just a little lame. As students, it’s easy to get caught up in our own world of deadlines and exams, and we sometimes need to be reminded of how people live elsewhere in the world. The Stephen Lewis Foundation’s “A Dare to Remember” campaign aims to do just that.

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AfriGrand Caravan: Reflections from the road — Their song continues

Joanna Henry, Grandmothers Campaign Coordinator with the Stephen Lewis Foundation, brings us her latest reflection on her time on the AfriGrand Caravan. (You can read her previous dispatches here.)

The room is quiet, chairs and armchairs are filled and everyone is gathered in a semi-circle around a large leather sofa holding the two guests of honour, a grandmother and a grand daughter from Swaziland. The gas fire is “crackling”, lamps are low, and just outside the large picture window you can see the moonlight glinting off random crags and peaks, hinting at the snow capped mountains of Banff that tower just outside, giving all in this space a sense that we are as snuggled into the landscape as we are into the warmth of the room.

The silence is laced with expectation. The introductions have been made and the listeners are waiting for Tsabile Simelane, otherwise known as Gogo Nde, the newest African Grandmother on the Caravan, to begin speaking.

Here is what they know about her at this moment:

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AfriGrand Caravan: Ilana Landsberg-Lewis speaks at U of T, and Regina and Nkulie on Metro Morning (Video)

Here are some more videos from the AfriGrand Caravan, courtesy of Sarah Moffat. The first is of Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, executive director of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, speaking at an AfriGrand Caravan event at the University of Toronto. The second and third videos are in-studio footage of Nkulie and Regina’s interview on Metro Morning with host Matt Galloway.

More photos and video from the Caravan to come!

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Dare 2010: Team Daring Vancouver takes to the streets (Video)

Happy Monday, Darers! While you’re gearing up for the week ahead, check out this video of Team Daring Vancouver taking A Dare to Remember out into the streets. The team ventured out into the city’s downtown to see what other Vancouverites have Dared to do, and to get them to perform some Dares for the camera!

Click here to sponsor Team Daring Vancouver now.

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Dare 2010 radio spot: Pat Thornton's Dare

You’ve been waiting for it, and now here it is: the last of the Dare to Remember 2010 radio spots!

This ad features comedian Pat Thornton. Pat’s Dare last year was to perform 24 hours straight of stand-up comedy. He’s doing it again this year, and hopes to raise $6000 for community-based organizations working to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

Pat’s well on the way to his goal — you can help him out by donating now. Click here to read about Pat’s 24-hour stand-up marathon and donate to his Dare!

Want to see more Dare videos? Click here! And don’t forget to pick and announce your Dare! Sign up for the campaign by clicking here.

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DTWL 2010 wrap-up: Video and Auction


On October 22, Hoax Couture and the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) hosted Dare to Wear Love, a fashion-forward and cause-driven fashion show that closed out LG Fashion Week beauty by L’Oréal Paris (a.k.a. Toronto Fashion Week). In case you missed it — or you were there but want to relive the fun/glamour/amazing clothes — watch the video above to get a taste of what Canada’s top designers and celebrity guest models had to offer in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Like what you see? Want to support the cause (and own a one-of-a-kind couture dress)? Bid on an outfit in the Dare to Wear Love auction! Dresses from the 2009 DTWL show (as well as other great items) are on sale until November 2, with proceeds to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Place your bid today, before it’s too late!

Thanks to Secret Level Films / Will Cyr for the video!

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