Friday December 10: Make your Aeroplan Miles doubly meaningful

Let your donation TAKE FLIGHT! Donate your Aeroplan miles on December 10th!

Looking for a way to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation? Donate your much valued Aeroplan miles on Friday, December 10th! While you can donate miles any day of the year, Aeroplan’s Beyond Miles will match every mile donated to the Foundation on December 10th.

These miles are incalculable in value. They enable the Foundation to bring the voices of African grassroots leaders directly to communities in Canada. They allow our Field Representatives (predominantly African women experts) to visit the projects first-hand. And they make it possible for African community workers to come together to share their strategies, experiences and successes.

There are countless ways to support grassroots organizations working to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa. This is a profound and concrete way to make a difference. Aeroplan miles facilitate their work and allow the Foundation to direct funding to support projects directly.

To donate your much-needed Aeroplan miles, click here.

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