Dare Update!

We at the Foundation have been totally inspired by the original, thoughtful, extraordinary Dares that Canadians are taking on.  Below is a sampling but to read more, visit our Featured Dares page.

In Toronto, Carol will paddlesurf the Toronto Harbour every day between October 17 and 25.  Brrrr – thank you Carol!


Nine-year old Esther has always wanted to go to the top of the CN Tower… and this year she is going to get there, one step at a time.

From now until October, Esther will take the stairs everywhere she goes until she has climbed 1,776 steps – the equivalent of a journey up the CN Tower. She wants to raise $1 per stair and will visit the CN Tower when she’s completed her Dare.  Thank you Esther and best of luck!
picture_23In Calgary, Gary will wear a wetsuit and inflatable arm bands everywhere he goes, every day, for a week! While in Vancouver, Melissandre and Meghan will bike from Vancouver to Seattle on the weekend of October 16 – October 18, in other words, 256 km over two and a half days. The girls promise to overcome all obstacles – rain, earthquake, forest fire…you name it! They will bike through it.

Read about more featured dares here, get inspired, and tell us what you have planned for your own dare!

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