World AIDS Day 2013: A message from Stephen Lewis

World AIDS Day 2013 / Photo by Alexis MacDonald SLF

The international community is mesmerized by the mantra of “zero new infections”, “zero deaths”, “zero stigma” as the target for 2015 in seeking to reverse the tide of AIDS.

That’s both commendable and understandable. But it leaves out one huge fact: come 2015, there will still be 35 million people living with the virus, and they must be cared for.

The painful truth is that the international community is losing interest in AIDS. Everyone—including governments and UN agencies—talks of an “AIDS-Free Generation.” Funding is plummeting. It’s as though the pandemic is over.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Last year alone, there were two and a half million new HIV infections.

So the work of the Foundation remains crucial, vital, indispensable. Please stick with us. Grandmothers, orphans, entire communities: they’re counting on us.

Stephen Lewis, Chair of the Board

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