On Mother’s Day we remember and celebrate

At the Stephen Lewis Foundation, Mother’s Day is a complicated time of celebration and mourning.

Alicia and Phyllis. Photo by Alexis MacDonald/SLF
This is Alicia and her daughter, Phyllis. Phyllis’s life was cut short by AIDS in October 2012. It will be a reluctant Mother’s Day for Alicia, as she both mourns the loss of her beloved daughter and finds herself once more – in her twilight years – in the role of a mother, raising her orphaned grandchildren.

Meaza and her daughter Beza. Photo by Alexis MacDonald/SLF.
This is Meaza and her daughter Beza. Both mother and daughter are HIV positive, healthy and supported by Negemelelakennew HIV Positive Women Support Organization (NLK) in Ethiopia to have access to health care, food security, nutrition counselling and help with medication.

On Mother’s Day we celebrate because every mother who is able to raise her children is a blow to this pandemic. But we also mourn for all the mothers whose lives have ended far too soon and for all those grandmothers whose days of mothering should be long over.

On Mother’s Day we stop to ask: What better time to reflect upon the importance of mothers in our lives? What better time to celebrate the real possibility of keeping mothers alive and healthy? And what better time to recommit to the critical role we can play in supporting African women to be there for their children and their communities?

This Mother’s Day please consider making a donation in honour of the mothers in your life, and all the mothers and grandmothers in communities across Africa working so hard to turn the tide of the AIDS pandemic.

Make your donation in lieu of a gift and send a beautiful printed or electronic card. You can send one of the Foundation’s two colourful cards yourself, ask us to send it on your behalf, or donate online and send an e-card for easy and immediate delivery.

Click here to order your Mother’s Day e-card or printed card.

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