April 9 is Aeroplan Mile Matching Day

Ida Mukuka (photo by Margaret Wright/SLF)

Click here starting at midnight on Tuesday, April 9, to donate your Aeroplan Miles and have Aeroplan match them.

Aeroplan Beyond Miles Matching Day is a golden day for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. April 9 is the day to donate Miles and have them matched – Aeroplan Beyond Miles will match them up to 500,000 miles!

Aeroplan Miles are an invaluable part of our work; in fact, they make it all possible. Here is a potent example of how we use Miles to support community-based organizations working so hard to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

Meet Ida Mukuka.

Those who do rarely forget her.

Whether in her role as a mother, counsellor, HIV-positive activist or peer educator, Ida exudes a passion and commitment that surpasses the call of duty – she simply lives what she believes. Ida is one of our Field Representatives, and she couldn’t do her job without your donated Aeroplan Miles.

From her home in Zambia, Ida travels constantly – assessing grassroots organizations for potential funding in the 15 countries in sub-Saharan Africa in which we work, and visiting partner organizations in order to monitor their ongoing programmes. The relationships of trust, partnership and accountability that Ida builds are key to the way the Stephen Lewis Foundation works.

“I love this work. I don’t know any other organization that does it this way. The relationships that we build with our partners are unique, where we go is unique.”

“Grassroots organizations are situated right in the heart of their communities, and so I spend a lot of my life travelling. Planes are just the beginning; sometimes I have to travel by boat, bike, or foot to finally get to them.” Ida says. “And we don’t just go once. We come back again and again. The key to our work is our relationship. You know it is so hopeful when I go back to a project where there have been challenges and I see that they have fixed them. This gives me the motivation and strength to move forward. We are like part of them, and they are like part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.”

We thank Ida for being the face, the hands and the heart of the Foundation right at the frontlines of this work. We thank the grassroots organizations that remain in their communities, committed to turning the tide of this pandemic.

With a full heart, we thank you for providing the Miles to bring them all together.

Please continue to be part of it. On Tuesday, April 9, visit stephenlewisfoundation.org/aeroplan to donate Miles and have Aeroplan match them.

Learn more

Watch a video interview with Ida as she reflects on her work, the state of the pandemic and the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Click here to learn more about the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Field Representatives.

  • Leonard Shikololo

    It is wonderful to hear from Ida Mukuka and her story is amaizing,and indeed the SLF have a strong relation with the grassroot and I real believe that their approch is totally unique they support and involve with the grassroot organisation, I been part of the Foundation for the past 6 years when I was working for TKMOAms AS program Director and I have learn alot being part of the Foundation, the staff at the Foundation humble people, supportive and committed to the work in Africa and so we are sharing the burden of HIV in our countries with them. I like the approch of suporting the grandmothers.

    I am glad to work with the Foundation and I would like to wish them well. Forward in supporting Africa!

  • John R. Mutamba

    I have keenly followed the mission and working of Stephen Lewis Foundation; have also had testimonies of a grandmother in Canada and a beneficiary here; i thus have very high regard for the cause of SLF foundation; as not only champions of fight against HIV in Africa, but also for using most feasible, cost effective and sustainable approaches. look forward to having linkages in the near future.

  • Joy Hail

    good work for great concern to improve the situation of most vulnerable women and their children thanks

  • Eunice Owino

    Great job your doing Ida,
    Its an act of God the work you do is a calling and not any ordinary job.I feel you and understand the passion.I’m based in Kenya but would like we link up and learn from each other currently we are supporting orphans and vulnerable children and their families. god bless the foundation.