World AIDS Day message from Stephen Lewis

World AIDS Day 2012

It’s like all the wars of the twentieth century wrapped into one. 30 million have died. 34 million live with the virus. Two and a half million new infections last year; 330,000 are children. More than 50% infected in Africa are women. And right at the point when we could subdue the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, we’re running out of money. Treatment reaches fewer than half the target.

And people say the AIDS pandemic is over… time and again we hear the phrase “an AIDS-free generation.” In whose lifetime?

AIDS must be restored to the international agenda. The one place where it’s never been off the agenda is at the grassroots in Africa. And it’s at the grassroots where everything works. That’s where our Foundation money goes. That’s what keeps hope alive. That’s what turns the tide.

Stephen Lewis
Chair of the Board
Stephen Lewis Foundation

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