A grandmother and her granddaughter (photo by Alexis MacDonald/SLF)

World AIDS Day

December 1, 2012

Hold a special service and put the AIDS pandemic back on the agenda

It’s time to put the AIDS pandemic back on the agenda.

Once in a rare moment, civilization has the chance to confound a disease: smallpox vanquished; polio on the brink. Thirty years is enough. Let HIV and AIDS be next." - Stephen Lewis

That’s why this year, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, the Canadian Baptist Ministries, and the Christian Reformed Church’s World Renew are collaborating on a joint World AIDS Day ecumenical service – to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic globally, and highlight the work of faith-based organizations on the frontlines in Africa.

Across Africa, people of faith are breaking the stranglehold of silence and stigma, and providing essential health, prevention awareness, income generation, educational and spiritual support to people living with HIV and AIDS. Their deeply-held beliefs – that every person, regardless of faith, is deserving of attention, dignity, love and acceptance -- have guided their sensitive care and compassionate programmes, and opened doors to AIDS-affected people in their community.

Every year, World AIDS Day takes place on December 1st. It’s a time to reflect, stand in solidarity, honour, and mobilize our own communities.. This year, we invite you to hold a World AIDS Day special service in the days preceding or following Saturday, December 1st to raise awareness and support those working to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

This collaboration is just the beginning of what we hope to be an annual event – reaching out to faith communities across Canada, honouring the dynamic work of faith groups, both here and in Africa.  

Please join us.

Materials for your service

We are creating a range of materials to help you prepare for and promote a special service. We will have posters, fact sheets, a special bulletin insert to hand out at your service, and a special video with messages from the organizers of the initiative that you can play at your service.


For more information on the participating organizations visit:

To find out more and get involved, contact Keely Wallace at kwallace@stephenlewisfoundation.org, 416-533-9292 or 1-888-203-9990 ext. 306



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