Map of Kenya


We work with the following organizations in Kenya:

  • The Association of People with AIDS in Kenya (TAPWAK)
  • Community Asset Building Development Programme
  • Community Research in Environment and Development Initiatives (CREADIS)
  • Ember Kenya Grandparents Empowerment Project (EMBER)
  • Kared-Fod Women’s Group
  • Kenya Network of Women with AIDS
  • Kiambu People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Liverpool VCT, Care and Treatment (LVCT)
  • Living Positive Kenya
  • Nyakonya Community Based Organization
  • Pendeza Africa (PENAF)
  • Ripples International
  • WEM Integrated Health Services (WEMIHS)
  • Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK)
  • Young Women Campaign Against AIDS (YWCAA)
Mother's Day 2014


Press Release: Report of the African Grandmothers Tribunal released for World AIDS Day November 29, 2013


Overduin: Standing with the grandmothers September 18, 2013

Mia Overduin, Ottawa Citizen

Upcoming Events

ToGogos Present Sally Armstrong April 23, 2014

Toronto, Ontario

UJAMAA GRANDMAS Annual Fabric and Yard Sale April 25, 2014

Calgary, AB